You're never too young to learn about science! Join Discovery and come on a fun-filled science adventure!

What is 'Curious Kids'?
Curious Kids is a program especially designed for children aged 3-5. The aim of Curious Kids is to introduce young children to the exciting world of science in a fun and interactive way. The content of the sessions will address basic scientific concepts.

A Curious Kids session will consist of ...
... a "story time" where children will be introduced to a scientific concept in a story format. This will then be followed by an activity in The Lab, where children will learn the practical application of the concept talked about during story time.

When does Curious Kids take place?

Tuesday and Wednesday in the 1st and 3rd week of the month (excluding school holidays) from 11:00am to noon.  

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Tuesday, 19 July and Wednesday 20 July
    • Bubble Trouble Let's make coloured bubles that go cold!  
  • Tuesday, 2 August and Wednesday, 3 August
    • Grandpa's Magic Whip some magic out as we look at how things move (or don't)! 
  • Tuesday, 16 August and Wednesday, 17 August
    • My Shadow Let's make puppets that tell a shadowy story...
  • Tuesday, 6 September and Wednesday, 7 September
    • Bodge Plants a Seed How can we make flowers grow? 

  • Past Sessions have included:

    • Who sank the boat? Why are some boat shapes better than others
    • It's Much Too Hot! The effect of heat on living things and how we measure temperature.
    • Colour My World! What makes colour?
    • Blowing up balloons!
    • Stopping Time: How fast is fast?
    • The Enormous Turnip – What makes things hard to move

    curious-kids-scientistHow much does Curious Kids cost?
    There are two ways to pay for your Curious Kid:

    1. Pay per session
      Only $5 per session per child (Includes: All lab materials. Does not include admission to the general exhibition area)
    2. Become a member and get in for free!
      Becoming a member of Discovery not only entitles you to all of the amazing membership benefits, but also gives your child free access to all of the Curious Kids sessions for a full year*. To find out more about becoming a member here.

    *Children need to be a financial member of Discovery (ie. have individual membership or be part of a family membership) to qualify for free Curious Kids sessions.


    • Curious Kids is recess during the school holidays and resumes again on May 5th. (might put in a blurb about the Holiday shows?  Link to the front?)