You're never too young to learn about science! Join Discovery and come on a fun-filled science adventure!

What is 'Curious Kids'?
Curious Kids is a program especially designed for children aged 3-5. The aim of Curious Kids is to introduce young children to the exciting world of science in a fun and interactive way. The content of the sessions will address basic scientific concepts.

A Curious Kids session will consist of ...
... a "story time" where children will be introduced to a scientific concept in a story format. This will then be followed by an activity in The Lab, where children will learn the practical application of the concept talked about during story time.

How do I join Curious Kids?
Simply come along! No need to book in. The dates, times and ticket prices can be found below.

When does Curious Kids take place?
Tuesday and Wednesday in the 1st and 3rd week of the month (excluding school holidays) from 11:00am to noon. Check dates!

How much does Curious Kids cost?
There are two ways to pay for your Curious Kid:

  • Pay per session
    Only $5 per session per child (Includes: All lab materials. Does not include admission to the general exhibition area)
  • Become a member and get in for free!
    Becoming a member of Discovery not only entitles you to all of the amazing membership benefits, but also gives your child free access to all of the Curious Kids sessions for a full year*. To find out more about becoming a member here.

*Children need to be a financial member of Discovery (ie. have individual membership or be part of a family membership) to qualify for free Curious Kids sessions.


 Curious Kids sessions 2017 

Titles/activities may change due to availability


  • Tuesday March 7th and Wednesday March 8th
    • Incy Wincy Spider and Friends Let’s make climbing spiders!
  • Tuesday March 21st and Wednesday March 22nd
    • Peter Rabbit’s Happy Easter Investigating the colours of smarties

Fully Sick School Holidays (April 1st - April 13th)

  • Tuesday April 18th and Wednesday April 19th
    • My Boots in Season How the sun causes seasons
  • Tuesday May 2nd  and Wednesday May 3rd
    • Who sank the boat? Why do boats float?
  • Tuesday May 16th and Wednesday May 17th  
    • Pigs Might Fly! Let's make flying hoopsters!
  • Tuesday June 6th and Wednesday June 7th
    • The Magic Crystal Growing crystal flowers
  • Tuesday June 19th and Wednesday June 20th
    •  Bim Bam Boom Investigating the speed of sound

Future Freak Out School Holidays (July 1st - July 16th)

  • Tuesday July 18th and Wednesday July 19th
    • The Enormous Turnip Making sticky rice!
  • Tuesday August 1st and Wednesday August 2nd
    • Balancing Act Amazing balancing birds
  • Tuesday August 15th and Wednesday August 16th
    •   Private and Confidential Exploring braille
  • Tuesday September 5th and Wednesday September 6th  
    • The Wind Blew Making windmills
  • Tuesday September 19th and Wednesday September 20th
    • Bang! went another balloon! Blowing up balloons with chemistry    

 Smash It Up School Holidays (September 23th - October 10th)

  • Tuesday October 17th and Wednesday October 18th
    • The Stopwatch Playing games with time
  • sci girlTuesday November 7th and Wednesday November 8th
    • That Noise! Construcing noise makers
  • Tuesday November 21st and Wednesday November 22nd
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Making paper caterpillars
  • December 5th December 6th
    • The Monster at the end of the book Let's make monsters!


    • Curious Kids is recess during the school holidays and resumes again on May 5th. (might put in a blurb about the Holiday shows?  Link to the front?)