Inspiring science can be seen everywhere, and inspiring supporters of science and technology can be found everywhere too - working and playing in all walks of life.

We’re inviting some of these people to join our Discovery Ambassador program – people who support our aims of inspiring scientific curiosity and increasing our understanding and appreciation of science in our world.

Our ambassadors will be scientists, engineers, athletes and teachers – and each of them has an important story to tell.

Kelsey Griffin

Kelsey uses one of Discovery's exhibitsThe first Discovery Ambassador is a an elite athlete and a biologist. Kelsey Griffin has made Bendigo her home, and made her mark on regional Victoria’s Bendigo Spirit, a powerhouse in the Women’s National Basketball League. She’s trained with the national team, the Opals, and is aspiring to representing Australia over the next few years. Kelsey also has a personal commitment to the region she’s made her home, and is active in campaigns promoting good health, good eating and helping her community.

There is so much to love about science! I could go on and on about why I think science is so great, but I’ve decided to just key in on my absolute favorurite thing, the human body.

I find the body incredibly fascinating and it amazes me the limits we can push it to, and how adaptable it is. From the breath of air you breathe, to the food you eat, to the muscle you contract to run, it is all science. Even before you do all of that, the thought you think, it is science, it’s amazing!!!

In college I achieved my degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry. Even after I graduated I continued to learn: taking classes on nutrition and strength and conditioning. The more I learn, the more I want to continue learning about the incredible science manifested in the human body!