There are many ways to experience Discovery.

At Discovery students will explore the fascinating world of science through puzzles, riddles, experiments, physical challenges, illusions and interactive displays. They will have so much fun they won't even realise how much they are actually learning!

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General visit

Groups, $9.50 per child, ~2 hrs   Preschool, $5 per child, ~1.5 hrs

• Access to our 100+ exhibits, which will inspire your students' scientific curiosity

 • Access to our 100+ exhibits, which will inspire your students' scientific curiosity

• A session in the Bendigo Planetarium, with a guided tour of the cosmos (30 minutes)   • A session in the Bendigo Planetarium, with a guided tour of the cosmos (30 minutes)  
• Our Vertical Slide will be opened for the daredevils in the group • Access to the Kaleidoscope, our space for scientists under the age of 6

Add value to your visit for only $5.50 extra per child:


Lab SessionsInquiry Workshops
~30 mins per session of 25 students ~45-90 mins per session of 25 students

Throw on a lab coat and explore scientific phenomena in The Lab, which offers a unique opportunity to engage in interactive science experiments using real lab equipment and facilities.

Become an expert problem solver with our Inquiry Workshops, which offer the unique opportunity to focus on hands-on learning and open-ended exploration with a variety of tools and materials.

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Little Labs

(Grades: P-2)

Young discoverers can take their first step in scientific exploration by conducting some real experiments in our Lab, learning some key scientific inquiry skills such as asking questions and making observations. (Chemistry/Physics/Science Literacy)

Ice Challenge 

(Grades: 2-4)

Students are challenged to explore what makes ice melt vs what makes it stay frozen, and to use engineering to speed up and slow down that process. (Physics /Engineering/Maths)

On the Move 

(Grades: P-1)

Young discoverers are taught the scientific method of “question, guess, test” and observe the answer, and are given fun items to explore. (Physics/Science Literacy)

Magnetic Moves

(Grades: 2-5)

This workshop lets students explore force and magnetism, and go from experimenting and testing to designing their own magnetic games. (Physics /Engineering)


(Grades: P-4)

Coming soon

Minibeasts allows mini scientists to explore of the world around them,  what makes things living and non-living, the needs of living things and a few weird and wonderful adaptations. (Biology)

Turbulent Tunnels 

(Grades: 2-6)

Students are challenged to overcome obstacles through engineering, using creativity to explore the forces of gravity and the power of air. (Physics /Engineering)

Sounds Like 

(Grades: P - 4)

Can you make a cup cluck? A rattle roll? The Sounds Like lab lets students explore the physics of sound and create "music" and different noises with simple objects. (Physics)  

Marble Runs

(Grades: 2-8)

Students use trial and error to control the path of a marble. THey will engineer solutions to the problems they encounter using forces such as gravity, friction, push, pull and balance. (Physics /Engineering)


React Now!

(Grades: 2-5)

This workshop invites students to explore chemical change by creating and observing very different chemical reactions. Students will uncover reversible or irreversible chemistry, and produce their own exothermic reactions. (Chemistry)



How Sound! 

(Grades: 3-6

By experimenting with different materials to generate sounds, students will explore ways to make their own instruments. (Physics /Engineering)

Going Through Phases 

(Grades: 2-6)

Explore properties of solids, liquids and gases, and how they can change from one phase to another through hands-on experiments. (Chemistry/Physics)

Circuits & Switches 

(Grades: 4-6)

Students work with electrical components to discover how to operate circuits and create their own game. (Physics /Engineering)


Light & Shadow

(Grades: 5-8)

In this exciting and creative workshop students explore how light and shadows are related, and explore creating 2d images from 3d shapes. (Physics /Engineering)


Blowing Up Maths 

(Grades: 5-8)

In this workshop students use balloons to explore the relationship between 2D and 3D shapes. Students touch on geometry, surface area, volume and examine shapes in nature. *subject to availability (Physics /Engineering/Maths)


More information about your visit

A risk assessment for your visit is here


  • Group rates apply for groups of 10 and over.
  • We reserve the right to invoice for additional participants or activities after the visit.
  • Teachers/adults (at a ratio of 1:10 not part thereof) receive free entry.
  • The "under 5 free" rule does not apply to preschool groups who book to visit Discovery.
  • Sleepovers and Pizza Parties require a minimum of 20 people to book.
  • Lab workshops and Curious Kids sessions are an add-on to general admission.
  • Discovery is wheelchair accessible.
  • Special needs groups: Carers receive free entry.


Cancellations 48 hours of the function date will be charged 50% of the full amount as per the booking confirmation.
A failure to show will result in 100% of the amount being charged as per the booking confirmation.
Deposits are non-refundable.

On the day

Please arrive at least five minutes before your excursion time.  This ensures that everything can run promptly.  You will be greeted by a visit coordinator who will give a brief orientation of your excursion and cover any logistical details (for example, bag storage and lunch spaces).

Conditions of Entry:

  • Walking everywhere
  • No food or drink on the exhibit floor
  • Footwear must be worn at all times
  • No behaviour that may be harmful to visitors or exhibits
  • Unsupervised students will be asked to leave the Shop

Running Late:

If your transport is running late or delayed by traffic, please contact Discovery as soon as possible on (03) 5444 4400 to advise us of your estimated arrival time. Unfortunately, if a group is excessively late, a booked visit may have to be shortened to accommodate other groups and schools booked on the day.

Group Rotations:

As you may notice in your booking confirmation, groups of maximum 30 students are rotated through activities. Please assist by having your students organised into groups before your visit. Here is a guide for group sizes on the day:

  • 10 - 30 students are one group
  • 31 - 60 students are divided into two groups
  • 61 - 90 students are divided into three groups
  • 91 - 120 students are divided into four groups


Photographs during group excursions are encouraged as they allow students to capture fun memories of their visit and help to stimulate healthy, reflective discussions once back in the classroom. Please note that photography is not permitted in the Planetarium.

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