FAQ bookings @ Discovery in 2017

Want to take your group to Discovery but have too many questions? Read through our booking guide and discover how simple the process is!

1. When can I bring my group in?

Discovery is open from 10am - 4pm Tuesday to Sunday during term. We try to be flexible and don't want anyone to miss out. If a group simply cannot book within these hours we may be able to discuss other options.* (subject to availability)

2. How long will the visit take?

A General visit will last for 2 hours. If you include a Lab Workshop it will be two and a half hours. A Challenge lab will be 90 minutes, then extra for other activities you may wish to include such as a planetarium or slide session. We are happy to add on extra time if you require a lunch or snack break.

3. What happens in my visit?

Your group will arrive at our Centre and be greeted by a Visit Coordinator. A quick run-down of what will be happening during the visit and the rules will be given, before breaking the group into 25 – 30 children.

4. What activities will we be doing?

We rotate groups through all our activities, which last about 20 minutes each. There is:

  • The Vertical slide; where kids and adults can drop from 7 meters in an adrenaline fueled fun session.
  • The Planetarium; sit back and relax as one of our presenters takes you on a journey through the planets and the night sky.
  • The Exhibits; we have roughly 100 hands on exhibits in our open plan Centre. Everything is hands on and everyone is encouraged to explore.
  • Want to add some indepth learning? Lab sessions and Inquiry Workshops are listed on our excursions page

5. Is there somewhere to eat?

Yes. We have two large areas: the Auditorium or the Lab. One of these spaces is usually available depending on what is happening on the day.  If it is a sunny day, there is also a large courtyard and grassed area behind the Centre.

6. Is there somewhere to store bags?

Yes, you can bring schoolbags, eskys for lunches or any other thing you would like to store during your visit.

7. Is there plenty of parking for buses?

We are located directly opposite the Bendigo Railway and Bus terminal. This large area is custom built for coaches and buses, with plenty of car spaces too.

8. Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are equipped with ramps and have a disabled toilet and shower room.

9. What if I don’t want my group to participate in an activity?

Let us know if you think an activity might not be suitable for your group. For example, we don’t offer our Vertical slide to Preschools due to the age restriction.

10. Are you easy to find?

Yes! We are located directly opposite the Train station. Why not catch the train to the Discovery Centre for an extra fun trip?

11. How safe is Discovery?

We are aware that safety is a major concern for groups visiting us. We have a strict ‘no running’ policy and our professional staff are trained in level 2 first aid. There is only one entry / exit to the Centre for visitors, so you won’t lose anyone! You can find our Risk assessment should you require one on our website under the education tab.

*lead teacher is required to undergo a brief safety induction.

12. How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice after your visit to us. Be sure to provide an email to your school or groups accounts department, or be prepared to send it on upon receiving for payment.

Want to know more? Call us on 03 5444 4400 or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

You can also call in and visit us anytime, we admit valid blue VIT card holders for free so that you can familiarise yourself with the centre and plan your visit. 


Groups over 10 are eligible for our discount as below:



1:10 Adults are free ( e.g. 10 children = 1 free adult)

Lab Session:………………………………….$5.50 (additional)

Inquiry Workshop:……………………………………$5.50 (additional)